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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Out with the old, in with the New

After seven long years, the time had finally come to hang up my old boarding boots. As comfortable as a well worn slipper, my Northwaves served me faithfully for over half a decade. Made from top quality Italian leather, featuring a stylish hot rod flame, and asymmetrical lacing, these puppies were the top of their game back in the day. Having sampled the snow in eight different countries spread over four continents, never giving me a single day of grief, the pair finally came to rest in their spiritual home of Whistler, Canada.

It was there I left them in the local museum of snow sports (a.k.a. my brothers house) to be admired by a younger generation, who have never beheld such quality craftsmanship or style. Though they have been replaced with a modern boot, made from state of the art synthetic materials, and symmetrical lacing, they will never be forgotten as the most comfortable pair of snowboarding boots I have ever had the pleasure of donning.

Thanks be to Northwave.


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