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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Since bringing you one of the rudest vehicles of all time, (see November archives), I’ve been scouring the streets of of Fukui, looking for something which could come close to that original find.

Last week, I finally found what I sought. At a local festival, I spotted these two cars parked up, close to a gang of mullet haired youths. Though the cars themselves are nothing special, (besides the pink paint job) the 3m vertical exhausts pipes are surely worthy of documentation.

Whilst snapping these cars, the bad boy owners stood proudly close by, glad to see that their pride and joy were finally getting the international recognition that they deserved.

These are going to be hard to top, but you never know what crazy car customisation those Jap youngsters are going to come up with next, so there’s hope for even greater things yet.


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