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Monday, October 24, 2005

Fukui is rapidly cooling off as we move into Autumn, and make way for what I hope will be another cold, snowy winter. Making the most of the pleasant temperatures, I’ve been cruising the great lakes of Ono as much as possible, before the snows make the little travelled access roads impassable.

Last week, whilst cruising the lake, my American friend Caitlin and I were lucky enough to stumble upon a band of wild monkeys. Despite my many expeditions out to the lakes, I haven’t seen any monkeys since my very first venture back in July (see archives for monkey pictures), when I managed to get fairly close to these inquisitive creatures.

Both of the lakes I visit are dam controlled, and they must have released a huge amount of water recently, as the levels have dropped by a good twenty meters since my last trip, which exposes the banks, churns up the water and unfortunately makes them look a little less picturesque overall.

I may well have had the last Sea Eagle ride of the season. Last Saturday, I paddled out into Lake Kuzuryu only for the skies to open and dump a heavy load of rain on me, completely soaking me to the bone. After scrambling up the steep banks and ploughing through the undergrowth with my boat in tow, I emerged bedraggled and muddy. However, the boat received a good clean down in preparation for its winter hibernation and after thorough testing on the sea and freshwater, I yet again fully recommend the Sea Eagle 330 as a well made and excellent value craft.


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