A byte of life from the Land of Sumos and Sushi

Friday, May 26, 2006

During the golden week holiday, my ma and pa made the long journey to Japan, to see what all the fuss was about. Spending a week in Fukui, we visited almost every single place of interest around the area, from the massive Buddhas to beaches, temples to teriyaki joints, and paper making villages to paddling the sea eagle round a small island in Obama bay.

They also had the pleasure of meeting Shiro the school dog, though our surprise visit to the school came at a bad time. Due to a heavy electrical storm the previous night, the school’s water supply had been cut off, meaning the school was in a panic, and students were being bussed to the nearest toilet every hour! Never the less, the teachers still rallied to the cause, and presented my ma and pa with gifts and photos of the school.

After a week in the inaka – they headed off for Hiroshima and Kyoto for some culture and history.

Overall – a great trip – thanks for visiting!


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