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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You're looking at the brand new and completely original design for a T-shirt that will soon be going into production.

Frustrated by the lack of any decent Fukui T-shirts, I decided I would fill a niche and make one myself, so I recruited Caitlin Hansen from JETfuel Magazine cover art fame, and together we came up with this sleek and unique shirt.

For those unfamiliar with Fukui, Japan, or Japanese, let me talk you through the design.

Nuclear Power - Fukui's biggest export to the rest of Japan is atomic energy. I believe there are 14 reactors within the prefecture, (some are even strategically positioned to ruin beautiful landscapes). Apparently, as compensation, (read: danger money) for being Japan's numero uno nuclear power supplier, the Japanese government have promised to build a Bullet Train line to Fukui city. Because of this, we felt we had to make reference to it in the design.

The radioactive cloud you see pouring from the chimney, is not just hot air. This doubles as the outline shape of Fukui prefecture, then triples as the Japanese flag. It just works on so many levels...

The Bold Kanji in the upper left reads Fukui, the small Kanji in the bottom right reads Nippon (Japan), and the “baka inaka” roughly translates as “stupid countryside” as Fukui is largely regarded by the rest of Japan as a rural back water. Of course, we love it here, and that’s why we’re showing our love with this awesome shirt.

Reprezent Fukui in style, and buy your baka inaka shirt today. The shirts come in red, and are priced at the bargain price of just Y2000. These are limited edition shirts and come in all sizes. Only one print run will be made, so get your order in now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because I am afraid Caitlin will forget to tell you, I'll tell you...she needs one for her cousin. He has quite a selection of odd T-shirts and this most certainly will be the crowing glory! He a fairly normal size 18 year old, so select an appropriate size (large?)and hit Caitlin up for the yen. Thanks much Sam. Paige

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 3:56:00 am

Anonymous risingsunofnihon said...

That is quite a design! I think I just learned more about your prefecture than I have ever known before. Thanks for the walk through!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 11:34:00 pm


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